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Learn how Johns Manville has implemented and is using SAP Quality Issue Management (QIM)

http://www.sapscm-webcasts.com/page-Gain-a-Competitive-Edge-Across-the-Enterprise-with-SAP-Quality-Issue-Management-solution.php?t=1 SAP Quality Management has been an integral component of the SAP ERP solution since its inception. The QM module has more than 10K customers globally and over 500K users.  It is mature capability that continues to be enhanced with each new ECC enhancement and service pack.  QM capability spans and is utilized in almost […]

2015 Schedule for QMS Educational Series -Online from your Desk via WebEx

The QMS 2015 WebEx Event Schedule-  Save the dates Join the QMS team for any of these virtual events to learn more and see  live demos.  We will also be providing a link to those that register for a recording of the session as well as access to the new QMS YouTube Channel. QMS Customers […]

QMS Announces- SAP Rapid Deployment Solution for Quality Issue Management (QIM)

QMS has launched the SAP Rapid Deployment Solution for Quality Issue Management (QIM). The SAP Quality Issue Management Solution (QIM) allows companies to process, monitor and track issues and activities of all kind and from every source throughout the entire enterprise. As a result, continuous improvement processes are enforced, compliance with actual regulations is ensured, […]

SAP Quality Issue Management (QIM)

QMS has the experience to support your QIM projects. We will show you how to take an integrated, global approach to managing quality with SAP Quality Issue Management software. Create, process, and monitor all quality issues – along with corrective and preventive actions – from every source across your organization. The result? Continuous improvement, standards […]

QMS DEMO- Tenneco´s eMRR system powered by SAP Quality Issue Management (QIM)

Tenneco´s eMRR system powered by SAP Quality Issue Management (QIM) with QMSQMS DEMO at SAP Customer Value Network 2013 in Chicago. Tenneco presented the eMRR System Powered by QIM (Quality Issue Management) – James Farmer , Senior IT Analyst , Tenneco; with partner QMS- Mike Krug, Principal. Follow link to DEMO and full Presentation