Who Retains Ownership of the SAP Quality Module?

You do! As long as you have sufficient licensing in place, the quality module is included with the core set of features that are offered in SAP.

Does QMS Handle Anything Besides QM?

We do specialize in managing the QM concerns of our clients; however, we also have a strong work history with the Manufacturing and Warehousing components of SAP. This experience has mostly come about as a result of the integration of these areas into the QM module. QMS can help your organization with SAP PP/PP-PI, PI-Sheets, MES/PCS Integration, SAP IM/WM, Handling Unit Management, and RF solutions that use SAP Console or ITS mobile.

Our Company has Environmental Testing Requirements. Can QMS Handle These?

Absolutely! Several of our past clients have carried more requirements than just their basic product testing guidelines. We can help you maintain and plan samples using QMS so that you can take care of microbiological, environmental, and other regulatory tests. Since SAP QM offers users an interface that can leverage information contained in the specification database of the EH&S module, we are able to provide an end-to-end solution for our clients.

How Long Will it Take To Implement SAP Quality Management?

This is a common question; unfortunately, it is hard to determine exactly how long it will take to get your company up and running with QM. It depends on the scope of your implementation, how many sites you need set up with QM, and how available your master data is. We follow a procedure known as quick-hit, quick-win, which is aimed at reducing the time that it takes to set up your QM platform so that you can immediately begin maximizing your ROI. We also offer assessments, road mapping sessions, and strategy meetings to help you make sure that the most challenging pain points are addressed before anything else.

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