QMS Reporting Bundle – Sample BPP

Today we would like to share a sample BPP (Business Process Procedure) from our QMS Reporting Bundle. BPP’s are great for knowing how to navigate through SAP as they show the user step-by-step instructions of what to do at all levels of SAP. If you click here: “BPP_MCXX_Error Analysis – Material“, you’ll see an example of a BPP a user would run to see the Number of Problems with the Number of Problem Items by Material. For each step the user has screenshots of the system as well as a short description which makes running the BPP very easy.

To see the QM Reporting List, which is a list of the complete set of BPP’s, click this: QM Reporting List.

Check out the QMS Training Flyer – Video Bundles where you can find what’s included in the QMS Reporting Bundle in the lower left-hand corner along with the other available QMS Video Bundles.

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