QMS Announces- SAP Rapid Deployment Solution for Quality Issue Management (QIM)

QMS has launched the SAP Rapid Deployment Solution for Quality Issue Management (QIM). The SAP Quality Issue Management Solution (QIM) allows companies to process, monitor and track issues and activities of all kind and from every source throughout the entire enterprise. As a result, continuous improvement processes are enforced, compliance with actual regulations is ensured, and a high level of customer satisfaction is obtained while achieving profitability goals.

SAP QIM is a separate QM product by SAP – an evolution of prior quality management solutions – and brings to bear all the learning and experiences accumulated in this area.
Over 6000+ customers rely today on SAP software to manage their QM needs.
SAP QIM can be used stand-alone but derives a higher benefit when used in conjunction with SAP ERP.
Investments into SAP ERP QM (especially quality notifications) can be leveraged with SAP QIM, no migration is necessary.
SAP QIM is a generic solution and addresses the needs of Manufacturing Industries++
Allows easy tracking and analyzing issues and activities beyond applications and systems.
Can integrate with processes in other applications by triggering issues in QIM or initiating follow-up actions in the related applications.
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