Accelerating Quality Responsiveness with the QMS QIM Fiori Apps!

We were proud to introduce the New QMS QIM Fiori Apps last week at SAPPHIRE 2016! Please take a moment to review the PowerPoint Presentation which you may download from Dropbox.

The Key Learning Points covered are:

  • – Learn how SAP FIORI enables usability and mobile apps for SAP QM & QIM
  • – See how to easily report a quality issue in QIM from your mobile, tablet, or laptop
  • – Easily process your Quality Activities

If you are a customer currently running SAP Notifications and are looking to upgrade to SAP QIM, the QIM Fiori Apps are a great way to, as the title of this blog suggests, accelerate quality responsiveness in your company. If you are currently running SAP QIM or are a new customer looking to implement SAP QM/SAP QIM, the QIM Fiori Apps are for you as well!

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