Monthly Archives: March 2015

QIM 8D Processing

This week we will be talking about SAP QIM 8D Processing on our social media sites listed at the top right of the website. You can perform a problem analysis in SAP QIM according to the 8D methodology by creating and processing a QIM issue with the issue type 8D Problem Analysis. To ensure that the […]

QIM Processing

This week on social media we are discussing QIM (Quality Issue Management) Processing. For example, once a QIM Issue is created what happens next? This is where the real power and flexibility of QIM is evident. We invite you to learn more about QIM Processing this week on our social media sites listed at the […]

QIM Issue Types

This week is all about QIM (Quality Issue Management) Issue Types. QIM Issues Types are key to ensure all major business processes are accounted for. Each QIM Issue Type can have its own unique set of fields and business rules (such as BRF+) that help a business to achieve success. We invite you to learn […]

Learning SAP QIM

The next four weeks we will be focusing on SAP QIM (Quality Issue Management). The themes for each of the four weeks are: QIM Overview, QIM Issue Types, QIM Processing, and QIM 8D Processing. So if you are interested in QIM, we invite you to join us on social media and receive some really great content!